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WhatcomCares provides all relevant information about an organization and its services based on information provided by the organization. Every effort has been made to ensure the data contained in the WhatcomCares is as accurate as possible. Records are updated annually and it is the responsibility of the listed organizations to report corrections and changes in the interim. WhatcomCares assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors and reserves the right to edit information to meet the format and standards of the database.

WhatcomCares may include information on organizations which provide services or advocate on issues which may be considered controversial in nature. Whenever possible, the WhatcomCares includes organizations which represent a variety of points of view in order to provide users with the widest possible range of services.

WhatcomCares reserves the right to refuse or discontinue organizations’ listings for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of the law, defrauding the public, engaging in fraudulent or questionable fundraising/administrative practices or the lodging of serious complaints against them with any regulatory body. Inclusion appeals may be directed to the WhatcomCares Steering Committee.

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