Included in the WhatcomCares are the following:

  • Organizations (not-for-profit, governmental, churches, civic groups and community) which provide services in health, welfare, support, recreation, education or advocacy for those with serious illness or facing end of life in Whatcom County.
  • For-profit organizations are considered on an individual basis. Inclusion is based on uniqueness of service, lack of comparable or sufficient services available through the public sector or not-for-profit agencies or groups, and degree of need for the service.
  • No attempt will be made to list all agencies or programs.
  • Organizations outside of our geographic parameters which provide a service not available locally. These may include toll-free helplines if they offer some sort of health or human service assistance.
  • Professional associations and organizations (especially those organizations in the health and human service field that provide referrals to individual practitioners).

Examples of services that may exist in the for-profit sector but which are included in the WHATCOMCARES are:

  • home health agencies
  • skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes)
  • assisted housing
  • home health care providers
  • adult homes

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