In this article from the New York Times magazine James G. Robinson recounts the story of a road-trip his family took after the death of his five-year old son and healing power of the stories and stones collected in remembrance of him.

In this beautifully moving essay, Brenda Miller explores the challenges and rewards of moving her elderly parents to live in Bellingham, reflecting on the turning cycles of care from parent to child and the ways she and her mother negotiate their grief and loss when her father dies.    

In this song, Who Will Care for You?, Linda Allen explores the weariness and feelings of being overwhelmed that often are part of the caregiver’s experience.

How Can We Prepare For A Graceful Death? About BJ Miller’s TED TALK : At the end of our lives, what do we most wish for? BJ Miller is a palliative care physician who thinks about how to create a dignified, graceful end of life for his patients.

ELEGY ELEGY. Wordsworth wrote that poems are a place where emotions can be recollected in tranquillity and reproduced for the reader to experience. Poems also provide a more intellectual space where what troubles us can be dispassionately thought through — first by the poet, then by the reader. As in great philosophical poems, here there is…

Remembrance – My Mother Gave Me Music Watch this remembrance. In this collage of a section from an interview in 2000 and the song written as her mother was dying, Marie Eaton reflects on the gifts of music her mother gave her and the tender gifts of caregiving at the end of life.   Marie is…

Elegy–A Poem. An elegy is, as Edward Hirsch writes, “a poem of mortal loss and consolation.” This elegy first records the stray, important thoughts that come when the poet listens to Bach. Only at the end do we come upon the particular loss, and the consolation of possibility.